Saturday, April 15, 2006

The emotional Jojo - This text and those below it are from my old, largely unused blog, I'll leave them here for now, but they are probably crap.

I soar on illusionary wings of happiness and ever increasing energy, warming spring sun fills my entire being and the longing for a cigarette and a beer becomes all but adamant. I'd like to sing, or scream, happiness to the solid brick wall, all the while expecting a standing ovation at the end. Wonderful, just fucking wonderful.

Yet I know it will not last. I feel it drifting away even now, as I write. The next down is close and I'll touch it soon enough. I'll go have that cigarette now, in the window in the sun. All the while clutching my high spirits to the chest for another few minutes. Bliss. Absolute bliss :)


Luni said...

Slappeste bloggingen jeg har sett!

TheOddy said...

oh yes, and proud of it! Jeg er visst ingen natural born blogger, kanskje det kommer med alderen.