Sunday, September 05, 2010

Delirium (excerpt/opening from a growing story)

Hail Earthlings.

I approach you now from a distant future. A future which you will not enjoy, yet you will still face it. If there is anything time has taught us it is that futures cannot be avoided or significantly changed. If anything I will most likely just accelerate the process. Still, you should know. Humans crave knowledge, and I will provide you with a cache of it greater than your puny mind can bear. Read on at your peril.


It’s been many a year since I grew into this being of jest and malice. I should apologize I guess, but I wont. I am what I am. Gallows humor is the only way to survive this bleak world. Around me it lies in ruins… well, that is not entirely true. The buildings still stand, the people, the society.. everything stands, for some. Not for me. Not for most. My brain has been altered, by myself no less, so it’s hard even to find someone to blame for this travesty. Ach, I ramble. You must bear with this, I will not be able to control it very well, I trust you will find the information interesting enough to overlook the debris cluttering it. Let me start at the beginning. Rather, at a beginning. I think Robert Jordan popularized such an opening some hundred years ago. Or was it more recent? Who knows, even time is a struggle for me now. ...You still think it is constant.. "linear" (? We dont use that word anymore. Nothing is linear. hahah, what a silly concept). Right? I dont perfectly remember your place in history. You reading this text should still be proof enough that it is not. Well. As is, a beginning:

It all – or precicely; the all of this – started with a young man in your year 2010. A young Norwegian no less, shitty hypocritical self obsessed dirtbags as they are, they still produced this intriguing being capable of changing history. (Never mind what I said about the future not being changeable, it is only so for those of us who are here already, and you will still get here no matter what… […] at least, in a way, some of you. I don’t know. Bleeding from my ear again. Need to focus).

He had trained all his (short) life, most of it unknowingly, at controlling and enhancing his brain. It led him to a few discoveries. And a lot of grief. He went mad of course. Although, that is a word one should not read so lightly and move on over. Madness is in the eye of the beholder, and he was certainly less mad than me. Less mad than most of us are these days. Still, quite mad by your standards.

He started claiming he could control other people. Telepathy. You’ve read of it. And you don’t believe it. Why should you. You can’t do it yourself, so why should others be able to? Right. The jealous, belittling, self-gratifying human mind at its finest. Hold on to your beliefs, they are probably mostly foolish and outright wrong, but they might at least keep you sane.

Brain alteration is possible. Heck. It’s easy. It all lies in the control of your thoughts and your mind. And how hard can that be, eh? You think all the time, you even think that most of what you think are your own thoughts, your own ideas. They aren’t of course, well, parts of them are. Most are borrowed from others, from history, from the universe itself. But you usually add a certain flavor to them and call them your own. Which is nice. As I said, it keeps you sane. Which is definately nice. (Oh, I so long for those simpler days. I need to cry, I need to claw at my eyes. I also need to finish this damned text. First. To do something useful. So much uselessness, so much waste. I cannot bear the waste. Terrible. Terrible. I see the sun is rising. Aasdlaksjdasdaklakaj. I could not do it justice in writing, so those random strokes will have to be what kick starts your own imagination. Use it to imagine your best sunrise. Red, yellow, almost violet at the edges and in between; pure, floating, living beauty. Stop reading. Sit back. Look at it.


Is it real? I have no idea. I mostly decide for myself what is. But it is pretty. God so pretty. (And God I wish God existed. sHe does too. Sort of. Poor bugger. Now that is one fucked character). Oh. It is gone now. I hope it comes back some day)).

So, where was I? Hahaha, I lose track even of simple thoughts these days, and have to back-track in writing to see what they were. Oh crap. I am writing to you about this? How silly Øyvind. How perfectly silly of you. But let’s go on then. No stopping us now.

(... more to follow some other time I guess, let me know if you want me to hurry the process) ;)

Btw, if you want a reference point for this story I'd say Neil Gaimans "Delirium" is a good start, I'm imagining this character in a similar universe. Which means I would consider making a comic out of it if I ever got the chance. Either way I'll have to wait and see what it becomes first.