Saturday, October 02, 2010

Inocencia (Messiah) - Lyric

(Should you wish to put music to these words I'd be thrilled to work with you, let me know)

Hiding from the light
a man craves lust
chaotic, wild delight

Hearing cries of beasts within
remembering his birthed sin
He rages on the beautiful, the sane
and craft the world its slavers chain

Vivid I recall
his bloody feet
the mourning victory of self
and his defeat

Basking in his pain alacriously
the newborn sinners roar
in agony

A child reside
in sorrowed hands
choking painfully
on Adams innocent demands

as evil numbness grows
deep in its heart
insanity awaits
to take its mind apart

And here you see the horrid, hidden lie
Take your innocence and run, leave us to die
Spare yourself from guilt, our endless sin

You are the pardoned son
with nowhere to begin

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